Mission Illinois


Time to register with your local dispensary, at Mission IL. DOORS ARE OPEN! Current discounts available to qualifying patients at Mission Illinois. Seniors - 10% off all medicine Vets - 20% off all medicine Disability (as defined by SSDI) - 20% off all medicine Low-Income (as defined by SSI) - 20% off all medicine Industry discount - 10% off all medicine At Mission, we provide a safe, inclusive, and professional environment where patients, both new and existing, are able to ask questions and learn about the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of medical conditions. Our policies and procedures for dispensing medical cannabis have been reviewed by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and are compliant with their industry standard for Patient-Focused Certification (PFC). Our patient-centric approach extends to our wider community, where we add value through acts of service, educational offerings, charitable donations, active civic participation, and providing medicine at low cost to patients with limited financial means.


License : LA Approved: LA-A10-18-0000060-APP LA-A10-18-0000065-APP | LA-M10-18-0000060-APP
Email : info@missionil.com
Address : 8554 S Commercial Ave
City : Chicago
State : IL
Country : US
Zip : 60617


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