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In 2009 the concept of Santa Cruz Naturals came to life in the small rural community of Boulder Creek, California. At this time, a group of neighbors and friends came together with the idea that they could share their time, energy and resources to grow medical cannabis using only natural products rather than synthetic chemicals. Since that time, Santa Cruz Naturals has grown to become a leader in the Natural Cannabis Movement, holding our Clean Green Certification for many years, and winning numerous first place awards for our flowers, concentrates and other products. At Santa Cruz Naturals, we believe that the finest cannabis in the world is grown using organic practices and techniques, and we would love to prove that to you! What is Clean Green Certified? Clean Green Certified is a 3rd Party Cultivation Certification program that mirrors the standards set by the USDA for Organics. Because the USDA controls the use of the word “Organic”, the Cannabis Industry is not legally allowed to use it. For that reason, Clean Green Certified has created it’s own name to legally describe the process of growing without chemicals. Santa Cruz Naturals and it’s family of cultivators have been Clean Green Certified since 2009, and continues to improve on our techniques, varieties, and processes to ensure that the cannabis that we provide surpasses any chemically grown product on the market! Today, Santa Cruz Naturals exists to provide you with extraordinary value, service, products and atmosphere. At Santa Cruz Naturals, you won’t find a Los Angeles or Las Vegas experience; no sparkly gadgets, flashy packaging, or pushy sales people. What you find, however, is century old reclaimed redwood cabinetry and pine floors, educated and professional staff, and a warm, inviting energy. For your convenience, Santa Cruz Naturals accepts not only cash, but offers an ATM both in our lobby and at the point of sale with reasonable service fees. Getting here and away: Santa Cruz Naturals is located in the small surf town of Aptos, CA, about a 9 minute drive from the City of Santa Cruz and 13 minutes north of the City of Watsonville. We are located directly off of Highway 1, with convenient on and off access to the highway via Rio Del Mar. Our address is 9077 Soquel Drive, Aptos CA 95003. Please follow our signs carefully, as we have one-way traffic in and around the building. Please ENTER between our building and the Yellow Chinese Restaurant Building (North Side), and please EXIT ONLY through the South Side of the Santa Cruz Naturals Building. We have security personnel to assist with traffic flow if you have any confusion. Our Pricing: At Santa Cruz Naturals, we do our best to provide you with the most affordable prices as possible. Given the high costs of regulation in our industry, and the amount of low-grade cannabis coming to market, we are unable to include standard sales taxes and the 15% State Excise tax in our prices at this time. However, we often have sales, discounts, and a fantastic rewards program that bring your prices down significantly! To stay up to date on the best deals and discounts, sign up for our e-newsletter "The Monthly Stone" by providing us with your email address, and SMS messaging to receive periodic texts to let you know about special "insider deals" for those on the hunt for the best deals in town!


License : A10-17-0000044-TEMP
Email :
Address : 9077 Soquel Drive
City : Aptos
State : CA
Zip : 95003


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