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DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency

Drug Enforcement Agency

I really and profoundly hope so

Contemplating some cops within

Turn and look another way

For a hefty a few of dough

From the war on drugs within our state

Is the place to Start interrogation

To punish, punish, and inspect

They who allegedly enforce the law

For it sounds quite a bit of medication

Unprecedented dependence among

Our cherished sons and daughters

Some approved by the FDA

We will not let that dialog

Hinder us get in the manner

Since today our attention is the DEA

How they've some corrupt officials

Who flip on the interior and chide

The justice and law they purport

Filthy lawless drug retailers they courtroom

To unethically gain and create filthy game

Who bliss for prohibited drugs from the homeland

It is time truth, honour, and ethics stand

Exceed & transcend what we've known previously

No more will the DEA take substantial sums of money

Then think to afterwards cover its path and beloved ass

Improper and inadequate is litigious denials and twist

If this war on drugs you need to really, undeniably win

Then let us look difficult and carefully in the corruption inside

Penetrating and circulating deep inside the official positions

For whom we could endure, applaud, and provide thanks.

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