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Reincarnate Into a Beautiful New Body

This is a huge topic and essentially untouched. Forming from the subconscious mind our astral patterns are what decides the psychological, physical, and religious structure of our body in our next incarnation. Since the consciousness flows out by the astral body brought on by magnetized sense attachments or abuses to issue, the delicate manifestation of initial astral-blueprints become increasingly more muddled and gross dropping its authentic astral-design form, out of distortion. The makeup of this astral-blueprints animates the physiological processes of the body. Hence the innovative energy of the astral body thrusts itself in the physical form via many subtle facilities within the body. The nineteen forces invisibly with all the astral-blueprints are what keep, enliven and construct the gross physical type.

Within the religious eye lies the response of the human body's condition of karmic impurity or purity in line with the manifestation of these vibrations dangling from the stream of the spinal centers . Our house is perishable and should we don't reside longer and follow dietary and health legislation we'll die of illness.

There's mathematical exactitude in most of the genetic code folks are reborn with. You might be reborn in a household where a particular chromosome is reactivated to excessive drinking, smoking, sex and so forth. When you're more pure you're born into a specially designed household just for you. So never whine about your dad or mother being accountable for you. As soon as you know this rule, you will understand that you're completely accountable for where you are currently.

We could be reborn blind, crippled or obese with the trends of getting fat and there are particular deformities like becoming emotionally retarded. We might think taking medication many times a week is absolutely benign, incorrect; this is called false justification for that is sufficient to change our genetic-code and influence our astral-blueprints. As medication definitely impacts the mind, we can suffer with psychological disease or other birth defects at a future incarnation.

I predict these hospital chambers of torture. Here's a good illustration of when we mistreat our bodies seriously enough, once we depart our present incarnation and also the time comes to us to reincarnate we can be born to the uterus of a mother that's been taking medication throughout her pregnancy instead of we'd be reborn with numerous birth defects. Now once we're aware of those laws and we dismiss them it might even worse for this soul to understand these classes of hard knocks.

Men of Self-realization understand that deadly awareness is a physiological psychological experience. God is dreaming through us and also our own nightmares are inserted into God's fantasies making everything hypnotically actual, it's precisely the identical thing with invention. All motions of awareness are around the display of their mind.

However once you examine the display you become involved with the emotion and you start to shout or laugh and there's not anything in this light, correct? When you find the hero perish in a motion picture, he's not really been murdered. It's identical with man performing a part in the cosmic picture of existence. The killer and the murdered hero on the display are only the electrical shadows of two kinds. The falcon of passing and the protagonist on the film screen are equally, they kill nobody! It's precisely the identical thing with invention; you and I'm floating, says that the master and just God's thoughts are floating in a ray of light. It's incredible how we believe we're so real when we're so hypnotized. We've got no reality except ideas and we're floating in a ray of light.

We're not made of bone and flesh, we're made from energy. How? Have you any idea how? Suppose there's a projector and a display around and the picture is the image of your entire body, so I place my finger before the ray of light and that I start to move my finger to another place and block another region of the beam. We cannot see your toes and we can't see your thoughts on the display anymore which is just what we're doing. There's an infinite ray shooting from all of the chakras of the backbone structuring the body in any way times but we block the flow of energy inside ourselves from the incorrect thoughts, the erroneous feelings as well as also the erroneous activities.

There's hardly any joy in this world and comparatively talking only snippets of transitory enjoyment for the huge part. The pros tell us that individuals who want the world and place their faith in items which won't last are only humanoids pre-programmed by their own sub conscious mind and that's a fact consider it or not. 1 man may want to have an extravagant house but he can become sick and is unable to love it. What was that hollow achievement? The other individual experiencing stress seeks the seclusion and quiet of a desert escape to find out he is plagued with his desires which were obtained in town and becomes lonely.

Remember being young and completely engaging yourself in detecting new adventures but maybe not recognizing that time has flown ; the aging process of the human anatomy has put in and the joints start to creak because the physiological mechanism begins to replenish its own fee and takes its own toll, the eyes begin to go dim, and the voice doesn't resonate clearly and also the side effects of illness require continuous attention and therapy. Very few realize exactly what the cost is for material comforts in a intricate substance life that is only pleasant to the eyes. There's nervousness, economic stress, coughing, disease and distress.

Juvenile or childish wants belong to dull, earthly individuals and therefore 1 day will permit you to understand the futility of your hard work to simply obtain wealth or substance magnetism. All physiological wants are all perishable unlike spiritual needs which are imperishable. In case you've dropped a diamond and you also attempt to substitute it with a chunk of glass to suit yourself, you're guided for disillusionment. You won't discover a missing diamond at a pile of broken glass since you're searching for it at the wrong location hence in magnetizing fragments of glittering heavenly delights, you are going to wind up disgusted since it's vainly foolish to discover lasting happiness in material things.

Guys whose astral-blueprints are tainted with bad seeds and uncontrollable poor habits become extremely fearful at the time of passing and attempt to become deaf to its own call.

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