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What Should I Say If My Teen Asks If I Smoked Pot?

And if you smoked marijuana or not, there are parents all around the nation who did matters as teens that we expect that our kids won't do.

Some parents choose to just lie. And sadly, I believe that they might be passing up a chance to impart some invaluable advice when they closed down the conversation like that.

Other parents think that honesty in communicating is essential, but are fearful that should they tell the fact their little one will perceive it as a certain sort of endorsement or endorsement to proceed right ahead and try it .

I have written a script to allow parents to follow that appears to cover all those bases. This may be a tricky place, so when unsure, get some expert aid that will assist you prepare prior to having this particular conversation.

Well, son, I will be truthful with you. I am not proud of a few of the choices I have made previously, also _________ (gender, drinking alcohol, smoking pot, etc.. ) at high school is among these.

I tried it since I __________ (desired to be trendy, was inquisitive, did not need to get left outside, was angry at my buddy, did not care what happened for me personally, couldn't consider anything better to do, thought my friends if they stated it was benign, etc.. )

And what I discovered was that it was not benign in any way. It had been ________ (insecure, illegal, damaging, why my grades dropped, taking my dream away, a waste of the time and cash, etc.. )

I'm imagining you asked me since you're confronting your own choice, yes? I will be frank here, I truly don't need you to become involved with ________, also I will try as hard as I can convince you to prevent it.

That having been said, I trust you'll always feel free to come to me with any queries or concerns you may have, since it's significant for me that the channels of communication remain open between us.

Thus, please, tell me about about what is going on for you, and you were wondering about my previous. I am listening.

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