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1 Leaf


*NEW NUMBER** 1-844-935-3231 Premium Cannabis Delivery Service and Storefront Wide variety of flower, and concentrates. 19+ Recreational Medical patients receive 10% off 1Leaf offers compassionate pricing to those with disability BONUS POINTS!! 1Leaf is introducing bonus points! 100 point is equal to $1.00. Start collecting your points NOW!! 1Leaf is a medical Cannabis dispensary offering FREE delivery to registered patients in the: GTA MINIMUM ORDER $35 DOWNTOWN CORE $70 SURROUNDING AREAS (depending on exact location) OFFERING MAIL ORDER


License : A10-18-0000097-TEMP, M10-17-0000095-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 160 Baldwin StToronto, ON M5T 3K7
City : Toronto
State : ON
Country : CA
Zip : M5V 0G8


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