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7 Leaf Collective


7 Leaf Collective at 1026 Commercial St. NE OPEN 11am - 7pm ( Sat / Sun / Mon / Tues / Wed) OPEN 11am - 9pm Friday We are happy you found us! 7 Leaf Collective is a state licensed OLCC cannabis dispensary helping Salem, Oregon 21+ consumers and medical patients find high quality cannabis. We are located just 50 miles from the Portland, Oregon market and we try to keep up with the level of quality you may find in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Albany, Bend or anywhere else in Oregon. The Willamette Valley is world famous for its wine grapes and we hope that same pride of Oregon agriculture extends to those cannabis growers in our area. 7 Leaf has been lucky to meet serious growers around Salem that are working to harness the medicinal benefits of cbd and thc in a way that will benefit all Oregonians. From OG Kush to Super Skunk 7 Leaf Collective has always got the dank. Seven Leaf Collective aims to secure the finest cannabis from ethical vendors who are willing to share the details of their craft with us so that we may be able to more sincerely make recommendations to Salem area patients. Our shop is a simple, welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable and know that you are always welcome here. Our philosophy is that collective knowledge far exceeds any single individual's knowledge. Visitors can feel comfortable at 7 Leaf Collective sharing health challenges or clever uses of this amazing cannabis plant. We will always listen and every lesson we learn from one patient will be shared with others. 7 Leaf Collective is your ally and we will serve you with respect and empathy above all else. Let's work together to help eradicate the stigma associated with this wonderful cannabis plant. Strains we seek out and carry in our rotation: OG Kush, cookies & cream, rude boi, triangle kush, Obama kush, nyc sour diesel, super skunk from Amsterdam, lemon betty, candyland, 9lb hammer, animal cookies, green crack, green queen, blue cookies, blue magoo, blue city diesel, resin ranchers, archive, dogwalker, Scooby snacks, white Tahoe og cookies, la blanca, skywalker, headband, the white, white widow, skunk, afgani, afgoo, haze. please check in person and leafly menu for for updated list.


License : A10-17-0000004-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 1026 Commercial St. NE
City : Salem
State : OR
Zip : 97301


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