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Bud Junction


Welcome to Bud Junction's Leafly page, please look around and come visit us at the store! Follow us, to get real-time updates about product in the store. OLCC Our Mission is to cultivate an educational, trending, ethical and friendly environment for our staff, partners and client. Proudly serving the areas of Josephine County, Illinois Valley, Redwood Highway. Tremendous thanks to our incredibly talented partners! It is because of their unique skill, professionalism, and world class integrity, that we are able to bring you some of the finest cannabis products on the market! A shout out to: Yerba Buena, TJ Farms, Willamette Valley Alchemy, Grön, TKO Farms, Select!


License : A10-18-0000099-TEMP
Address : 24394 Redwood Hwy
City : Kerby
State : OR
Country : USA
Zip : 97531


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