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Dank Deliveries KW


Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and Guelph\'s DANKEST Delivery Service has hit the streets supplying you with top quality Medical / Recreational Cannabis.�We are a compassion service offering delivery in the Tri Cities to make it easier, more efficient and safer for marijuana consumers. We value our customers with fair prices, quality products, fast delivery and great customer service.


With New Legislation in Canada we, \"Dank Deliveries\" are SHARING our product with you not selling it to you. What you are paying for is service, sourcing, handling, packaging, and delivery of a safe, quality product.�
NO ORDERS OVER 30 GRAMS as per Canadas \"Sharing Laws\"


License Type : Hybrid
City : Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge
State : Ontario
Min Age : 19
Retailer Services delivery


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