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Mary Jane\'s House of Grass


We are a medically endorsed recreational marijuana store located just minutes from Portland, OR and the Portland International Airport (PDX) in Vancouver, WA. We carry a wide selection of edibles, flower, tinctures, oils, waxes, dabs, shatter, kief, hash, drinks, tonics, tinctures, truffles, candies, chocolates, cartridges, topicals, lotions, lubricants, and all the supplies you need to enjoy your cannabis products. Our menu is constantly changing. Come see what\'s not listed here. Or check our menu online: Handicap access/parking right at front door. 


License Type : Recreational
Address : 8312 E Mill Plain Blvd.
City : Vancouver
State : WA
Address : 8312 E Mill Plain Blvd.
Min Age : 21
Retailer Services storefront


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