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420EvaluationsOnline - Berkeley

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  • Phone: (949) 336-2602
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  • Location: Berkeley CA, US
  • Zip: 94709


MEDICAL MARIJUANA EVALUATIONS & ID CARDS. APPLICATION & APPROVAL - IN 3 EASY STEPS Our 420 Evaluation package includes: + 12 month MMJ Recommendation authorized by a licensed physician. + 24/7 Verification of your approval by Phone or Online. + Right to cultivate, possess and consume Cannabis and derivatives. + Medical Records - Privately held in our HIPAA compliant system. + Chat/Phone support. + Medical Marijuana Patient ID Card (add x$). Once approved, we immediately email a copy of your Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Additionally, a hard copy with embossed seal is mailed and delivered in 2-3 days. We don't charge for postage. Your documents and ID card arrives in a discrete, non-marijuana labeled envelope, ensuring total privacy. Our documents are accepted in all dispensaries in California.

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